Travel Tips

Before you leave home to visit one of our wine trail wineries, here are a few useful travel tips to keep in mind.

1. Everyone is welcome to stop by when the wineries are open. We make a recommendation to call each winery before visiting, especially during the off-seasons.  We do recommend that you check individual winery hours before you leave on your trip. Hours are posted on the individual winery pages here on our website, but are not always accurate.

2. If you are planning a large group visit, it's a good idea to let the wineries know in advance so they can assure they have adequate staff to make certain everyone's visit is enjoyable.

3. Some wineries are on gravel roads. Check out the chart below to learn more.

4. It's best to visit no more than 3-4 wineries in a day because of sampling and the time you will want to spend touring the wineries and the surrounding area.

Winery Legend

2-Fox Ridge Winery
3-John Ernest Vineyard & Winery
4-Snus Hill Winery
5-Penoach Winery
6-Jasper Winery
7-Two Saints Winery
8-LaVida Loca Winery
9-Summerset Winery