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If you're looking for the perfect way to spend time getting in touch with Iowa's heritage, we have the perfect suggestion - a visit to the wineries on the Heart of Iowa Wine Trail. At one time, Iowa was the sixth largest grape producer in the nation. Now, after years of quiet slumber, the wine and grape industry in Iowa is reappearing everywhere.

The Heart of Iowa Wine Trail is spread across much of the the central one third of the state from north to south. (Click here to view our winetrail map.)      We are a group of eleven wineries working together to promote Iowa's wine industry to both native Iowans and all the visitors we welcome annually to our beautiful state.

We invite you to take a day or weekend trip to one or more of our wine trail wineries. We're certain you'll be delighted by your discoveries, and we promise you'll meet some very friendly folks eager to serve you with quality wines, unique gift items and entertaining events.

Here at the Heart of Iowa Wine Trail website, we've provided complete information to help you plan the perfect day or weekend trip! You'll find details on all our wine trail wineries along with helpful travel, event, and other information. We're looking forward to welcoming you soon!

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